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Aims and objectives of the Junior Researcher Association

The Junior Researcher Association addresses the issues concerning the temporary academic staff at Aarhus University. Overall, we aim to improve the working conditions for junior researchers and work closely with the Aarhus University leadership and administration to achieve the best possible environment, making Aarhus University a more attractive place for postdoctoral training. 

We focus on:

  • Discussing and improving working conditions for junior researchers
  • Representing junior researchers from all faculties, schools, and departments of Aarhus University in political boards
  • Facilitating communication and networking between junior researchers within all faculties, schools, and departments of Aarhus University
  • Creating an intellectual framework (e.g., interdisciplinary collaboration) for junior researchers at Aarhus University.

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In January, the new executive order on staff structure at Danish public research institutions, including universities, came into force.

The new version of the law clarifies that the staff categories assistant prof./researcher, associate prof./senior researcher, and professor are intended as a coherent university career path, and puts more focus on tenure track positions. However, in the JRA, we agree with the union DM’s recommendation that tenure track employment should be the rule rather than the exception. Also, there is still no clear career path for post docs and other staff between the level of PhD student and assistant professor. Importantly, the law states that universities must make career perspectives visible to scientific employees, especially those in temporary positions. This must happen through among other things, continuous dialogue with the individual employee on career paths both at and outside the university.

A link to the law is available here.

An English translation can be found here


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2019.09.12 | AU Junior Researcher Association, Junior Researcher Track 1, Junior Researcher Track 2, Junior Researcher Track 3, Junior Researcher Track 4, Junior Researcher

Give us your input on working conditions at AU (researchers at S&T)

JRA are looking for your perspective on working conditions for junior researchers at the faculty of Science & Technology.

2018.12.03 | Junior Researcher, AU Junior Researcher Association

The Junior Researcher Association has elected a new board for 2019

Congratulations to the elected members.

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