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Career Planning Tools

Talent is only the beginning...

Career planning tools such as the ones mentioned below are useful to 1) set goals for your career (your research and your professional development both long and short-term), and 2) identify steps towards achieving those goals (for example when to take a certain course or when to apply for fellowships etc.). In addition, the career planning process will increase your awareness of your skills and help you feel empowered in the development of your future career.

Below is a brief description of different tools that we recommend as support for your career development planning.

Discuss your plans

We recommend that you discuss your plans with your PI/Professor/Head of Department so that you - in collaboration with him or her - can make an action plan of realistic steps that you can take to help build a desired skill, better use of existing talents, or prepare for a career goal.

Your development plans will also be discussed in your annual MUS (staff development dialogue SDD).