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About PhD at Aarhus University

As a leading international university Aarhus University combines in-depth, cutting-edge research with interdisciplinary collaboration and maintains a strong focus on talent development and knowledge exchange with the business sector.

At Aarhus University we are determined to attract the most talented PhD students from all over the world. Thus Talent Development is – together with Education, Research and Knowledge Exchange - one of Aarhus University’s core activities. Our aim is to create attractive, international research environments that cultivates the brightest minds recruited from the global talent pool by giving them the best possible conditions for developing their special abilities.

Aarhus University offers PhD degree programmes which compare favourably with the best in the world. With a long tradition for international cooperation in the areas of teaching and research, the PhD programmes are naturally of a high international standard.

The programmes are offered at four graduate schools: Arts, Aarhus BSS, Health and Science and Technology. Read more about the types of scholarships and fellowships.

A rigorous programme with numerous career opportunities

With a PhD degree from Aarhus University you are trained to independently undertake high calibre research, development and teaching projects in the private and the public sectors.

A PhD degree – or a similar background – is a requirement for employment as an academic member of the staff at institutions of higher education, including universities and business schools, and at government research institutions. In addition, a PhD has become a much sought-after qualification for other jobs requiring a research background, e.g., in large companies in the consulting sector (lawyers, accountants, consultants etc.), the financial sector, international organisations and public administration.

The majority of PhD students from Aarhus University find employment before graduating or in immediate continuation of their PhD studies. A very high number of PhD graduates from Aarhus University find employment at universities and other public research institutions (primarily in Denmark), while the health and pharmaceutical industry likewise attracts a high number of PhD graduates. Find more data about employment of PhD graduates in our 2014 Employment Survey (only in Danish).

Join a young and dynamic research environment

As a PhD student at Aarhus University you will be part of a  diverse body of researchers. The university has more than 2500 doctoral and post-doctoral students and approximately 2000 senior researchers, lecturers and professors, making it a very young and dynamic research environment. The university and its four graduate schools strive to create an international community with excellent facilities that provide our international students and staff with a unique opportunity to meet fellow scholars.

The work environment at Aarhus University is framed by a culture of cooperation, informality, and openness but also of being ambitious. The working atmosphere is informal and the dialogue is open, and this working culture strongly encourages creativity and independent decision-making.

At AU PhD students are considered as early stage researchers

At Aarhus University we recognise our PhD students as early stage researchers, who are therefore given independence and the responsibility of pursing their own research. As a PhD student we consider you a member of our academic staff as soon as you have completed your Master’s Degree. This means that you have the same rights as other employees, including a voice at staff meetings etc. Being a PhD student funded by Aarhus University, you also receive a salary with the same rights as an employee, including holiday, maternity/paternity leave and a pension scheme as a part of your salary.  

Our nationwide locations

Aarhus University has campuses, research facilities and field stations all over Denmark.
See a map of Aarhus University’s different locations here.

Our main campus is Campus Aarhus, which is situated in the centre of Aarhus.
Additional AU campuses near larger cities are:

  • Campus Emdrup near Copenhagen
  • Campus Foulum near Viborg
  • Dept. of Environmental Science near Roskilde
  • Dept. of Bioscience near Silkeborg
  • AU Herning near Herning