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Introduction to Leadership

Organized by Junior Researcher Development Programme

2019.08.13 | Amy Louise Bretton

Date Tue 19 Nov Wed 20 Nov
Time 09:00    15:00
Location Tåsingegade, building 1441, room 210 & Studenterhusfonden, Mogens Ziehler stuen

This leadership course is intended for junior researchers who have recently taken on leadership tasks - with or without formal leadership responsibilities, for example in a new research group or as PI on a project. 

Course objectives:

Leadership skills are required in order to establish and ensure well-functioning research groups and project teams. This interactive course introduces the participants to essential leadership elements. The specific course objectives are:

  • To ensure that junior researchers are aware of their personal identity as leaders versus their identity as experts within a specific field
  • To learn about and practise different types of communication
  • To support their career development as leaders in either academia or in business and industry


The course instructors are Astrid Viola Hornbech Svendsen and Michael Martini, Leadership Development Consultants at Development and Work Environment, AU HR, as well as a guest instructor Helle Svendsen, deputy manager and ph.d., from Technological Institute.    


Before the course starts, please read: Effective Leadership Behavoir: Gary Yukl. What We Know and What Questions Need More Attention. Leadership challenge. Academy of Management Perspectives. p. 66-85. Nov. 2012.

Time and place:

Tuesday, 19 November 2019 9-15 at Tåsingegade, building 1441, room 210. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 9-15 at Studenterhusfonden, Mogens Ziehler stuen. 

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