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The Junior Researcher Association at Aarhus University hosts its Annual General Meeting

Join the annual general meeting to hear about the work of Junior Researcher Association and (perhaps) to run for the new board!

2019.10.22 | Liv Frank

Date Wed 27 Nov
Time 15:00 18:00
Location International Centre - room 014, Høegh-Guldbergsgade 4A, 8000 Aarhus
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The Junior Researcher Association at Aarhus University works to better the working conditions of junior researchers at our university. The association will host its Annual General Meeting on 27th of November and all junior researchers, from all faculties of the university, are invited to join. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow Junior Researcher's from across the university, and to influence the policy and direction of The Junior Researcher Association. 

The Junior Researcher Association works to voice the needs of the Junior Researcher community to university management. A junior researcher is an employee with a PhD degree working on a fixed term contract. This includes postdocs, assistant professors,  researchers and more. The board of the JRA works on behalf of this community, meeting regularly with university management, lobbying on your behalf and organizing events of direct interest to this group of people. You can learn more about the JRA at our website.

 At the Annual General Meeting, the JRA board for 2019 will present a report for the year and elections will take place to nominate a new board for 2020. The AGM presents junior researchers with the opportunity to run for a position on the board and to present any ideas that you might have for bettering the working conditions of JRs. We hope to see you there!


Programme: coming soon! 


Food and drinks will be provided. The event is free of charge. 

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