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November Lunch Meeting: DANWISE

Join Junior Researcher Association for their November Lunch Meeting with The Danish Society for Women in Science (DANWISE)

2019.10.24 | Oda Bjørke

Date Wed 13 Nov
Time 13:00 14:00
Location iNANO 1590
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The Danish Society for Women in Science (DANWISE) is a non-profit organization committed to BRIDGING THE GENDER GAP in the STEMM and humanities fields in Denmark. This lunch meeting offers Junior Researchers the opportunity to meet representative from DANWISE so that we can learn about each other and start a dialogue on the issue. 

The Junior Researcher Association's lunch meetings offer a great possibility to socialize and expand your network on Aarhus University, while learning more about the difficulties facing junior researcher's. Overall, The Junior Researcher Association aims to improve the working conditions for junior researchers and work closely with Aarhus University leadership and adminsitration to achieve the best possible environment, making AU a more attractive place for postdoctoral training. 

Food and drinks will be provided and the event is free of charge

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