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Career Paths for Junior Researchers: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

JRA invitation to all junior researchers at AU

2019.05.16 | Liv Frank

Date Wed 19 Jun
Time 16:00 19:00
Location Institute of Advanced Studies, Høegh-Guldbergsgade 6B, Aarhus C
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A session with talks on career possibilities after PhD studies and beyond, with a chance to share your experiences. 

Take part in an interesting evening with talks on career possibilities from

•the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs (DM)

•the Think Tank DEA (DEA)

•the Danish Centre for studies in Research and Research Policy (CFA) at Aarhus University


16:00  Welcome, JRA

16:10  Niels Glæsner, DM

16:40  Jeppe Wohlert, DEA

17:10  Allan Rye Lyngs, CFA

17:40  Wine and dine

18:00    Q&A panel discussion

19:00    Goodbye, JRA

Join JRA for an event with inspiration, food and new friends 

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