Why choose Aarhus

Aarhus is the fastest-growing city in Denmark with plenty of exciting career opportunities.

In Aarhus you have easy access to beautiful nature, an exciting culture and city life as well as a safe environment for children - a great place for the whole family.

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

Innovative and international

Aarhus is home to the youngest population in Denmark: One citizen in five is a student at one of the city’s numerous education institutions. This imbues the city with strong drive and extraordinary vitality. The University is located in the heart of the city, and fully 33% of the local residents have completed a course of higher education, making Aarhus the city with the best-educated population in Denmark. 

Home to an international container port and some of the world’s leading companies, Aarhus is prominently positioned on the international map of attractive places to work.

No less than 87% of Denmark’s total turnover in the field of wind energy is generated in the Aarhus region. In addition, an impressive 20,000 IT jobs within a radius of 10 km make Aarhus a veritable hotbed of IT innovation. Creativity flourishes in Aarhus as well, with 492 design-related enterprises and 330 firms of architects based in the city.

Highly professional services

The city has an overall aim of supporting the internationalisation in Aarhus and a range of services provide expert multilingual advice and support for internationals. International Citizen Service offers a one-stop shop to start life in Denmark, and the university offers a Getting Started in Denmark event to help all international staff with settling down in Denmark. 

The municipality supports internationals with English portals, service functions in English, information materials in English and in general a strong focus on services in English. 

Big city feel but in walking distance

Aarhus has everything you need within a surprisingly small area: exciting national and international jobs, delightful residential areas, a rich cultural life, and beautiful surrounding landscape of woods and coastline that make Aarhus a wonderful place to live and work.

Everywhere in Aarhus, you can feel the pulse-beat of a big city. The student culture, the entertainment, the shopping, the attractions and sights, and the wide selection of places to eat provide excitement and pleasure by day and by night - all year round. The promenade along the Aarhus Å (river) is packed with cafés, and in the "Latin Quarter”, you find a range of unique shops. Aarhus is just the right size: a vibrant city, yet full of intimacy.

Surrounded by forests, parks and sea

On top of all this, Aarhus is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The city has many wonderful green areas and is surrounded by sandy beaches and woods, which makes it perfect for pleasant and easy trips into the beautiful surrounding landscape.

A university among the international elite

Aarhus University is among the top 100 universities in the world. The aim of the university is to sustain and enhance a high standard in both research and education, which has placed it among the international elite.

Founded in 1928 the University has a long tradition of offering broad and internationally recognized research and education. Since the University was founded, it has provided the Danish as well as international communities with more than 42,000 graduates, and it has left its own special mark on the city of Aarhus, on the Danish society and on the international research community.

The study environment at the University is concentrated around an attractive campus in the centre of the city of Aarhus, and the University plays a decisive - and essential - role at the hub of the city. The wide range of on campus facilities for students as well as the abundance of academic and social activities contributes to the unique study environment at Aarhus University.

Teaching at Aarhus University is generally structured around lectures, seminars and practical exercises. Interaction and dialogue between lecturers and students is central to the teaching at Aarhus University and students are expected to take active part in the academic discussions during class. This results in a pleasant and informal academic atmosphere.

Aarhus University is a lively and modern university, which collaborates with the business community, cultural centres and other universities around the world and thus offers its students and staff an international atmosphere as well as a wide range of possibilities with regards to professional and international collaborations.

How the world sees Aarhus

  • National Geographic emphasizes Aarhus as a smart city that leads the way in carbon reduction.
  • The Telegraph and New York Times focus on the thriving art, culture and food scene and the New York Times places it as number 13 on the annual list of the top 52 places to go (2016).
  • Finally, Italia A Tavola is inspired by the exquisite cuisine (Aarhus has three Michelin-starred restaurants).

Aarhus has a lot to offer singles, families, people visiting for a short while or people seeking a career. 

The university park
Navitas - Department of Engineering
MOMU - Moesgaard Museum