Research Year

A Research Year at Aarhus University gives you a unique opportunity to learn and become acquainted with relevant methods, scientific literature and research in general.

The Research Year at the Graduate School of Health consists of 6-12 months of fulltime research at one of the departments at the Faculty of Health. During the Research Year, the student completes a defined project under supervision. After the 12 months of research is completed, the student must write, and hand in the Research Year report.

The Research Year is a full time occupation and it is therefore strongly recommended that the student applies for special leave of absence from studies.

Please be aware that documents and mandatory attachment for assessment has been updated in September 2016. Make sure to use the right documents.



Revised criteria for applying for a Research Year

The Faculty Management Team has approved a revision of the criteria for applying for a Research Year. The revised criteria will apply from the application round in March 2017.


The changes in the criteria are among others that the research environment will be given greater weight in the application process. This means that the student will count for 50 % and the research environment will count for the remaining 50 % in the total evaluation of the application. At the same time focus on the candidate and the learning process will be maintained.

The Research Year project will no longer be approved by a PhD Student or ranked. Instead the Program Chair will assess whether or not the project is suitable as a Research Year project.

It will be qualifying for a student’s application for a Research Year if the student has been chosen by the main supervisor through an open call. Additionally, the Faculty Management Team has decided that a supervisor only can be main supervisor for one approved Research Year student in each round, which means that a supervisor can be main supervisor for maximum two Research Year students a year.

Please read the revised criteria for applying for a Research Year or read the news about the revised criteria at the Faculty of Health’s webpage.