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I want to be enrolled for 30 hours a week?
If you want to be enrolled for less than full time (37 hours per week) you have to indicate it in the application form. Furthermore you have to enclose an application for enrolment for the requested amount of hours per week. The application has to include a detailed description of the reasons for the wanted amount of hours per week. If you are already enrolled, you have to apply for the wanted amount of hours per week, the application has to be signed by both you and your main supervisor.

How do I apply for a salary supplement?
If you are employed as a PhD fellow at Aarhus University (regardless of your source of financing), you can apply for a pay supplement to compensate for the difference in salary between a PhD fellow and a research assistant. The pay supplement is not awarded by the Graduate School, and has to be self-financed.  To apply for a pay supplement, please complete the form 'Recommendation for employment as a PhD fellow and/or application for pay supplement'. Along with the form, a short application must be sent to the Graduate School.

If you are a medical doctor and PhD fellow at Health, you can be granted a qualification supplement by sending of a copy of your B authorisation certificate to the Graduate School. This supplement is paid by the same source as your salary, and is therefore only paid by Health if you have been awarded a faculty fellowship.

I need help with an application for external funds?
The Research Support Office helps researchers, including PhD students, prepare applications for external research funding. The Research Support Office serves both the university and the university hospital.

I am signing a contract with a collaboration partner?
It is very important that you know who owns the rights to the knowledge that is brought into the collaboration and the results obtained through the collaboration. In case of research collaborations with private companies, other universities or other partners, the Technology Transfer Office at Aarhus University ensures that the contract is both satisfying and in concordance with existing rules and regulations. In some cases you have to contact the office before signing, e.g. when rights are transferred. We recommend that you always contact the office to make sure everything is in order.

Technology Transfer Office 

I want to do work in addition to doing my PhD?
The PhD program is designed as a full-time study. The starting point is that as a PhD student has no other paid work. If you are employed as a faculty PhD fellow, an application for permission for other paid work should be submitted to the faculty (vice-dean) and a statement from the main supervisor of whether the paid work are compatible with the PhD education must be attached. It is normally not accepted to have more than 20 hours of paid work per month beside a faculty PhD fellowship. If you are elsewhere employed paid work is accepted to the extent it does not affect your PhD studies. Clinical work may not lead to extension of the study.