Open calls

The Graduate School of Health is now accepting applications for enrolment, fully financed PhD fellowships for the encouragement of interdisciplinary research and research training supplements

We are offering a number of;

  • fully financed PhD fellowships for the encouragement of interdisciplinary research and innovation: Selected applicants for fully financed PhD fellowships will be invited for a personal interview with a selection committee. Assessment of applications will take place on the basis of the Graduate School’s general criteria which are listed below. In this call, however, all scholarships are dedicated specifically to interdisciplinary projects and therefore attention is drawn to the fact that the following will carry decisive weight in the assessment:
    • that the applicant in her/his project description 1) is able to specifically substantiate the interdisciplinary hypothesis of the project, 2) is able to explain to which extent the research questions implies an interdisciplinary selection of method and 3) is able to state which research environments from two or more disciplines could be involved in the project and how this specific interdisciplinary collaboration could be implemented.
    • that the applicant in her/his motivation is able to satisfactory explain the background for her/his commitment to interdisciplinary research and to substantiate her/his personal possibilities to and qualifications for carrying out the interdisciplinary potential of the specific project proposal and in the proposed research environments.
  • Research training supplements: (550,000 DKK) (all applicants may apply)

Both fully financed PhD fellowships granted and research training supplements will be allocated to the department at Aarhus University, where the PhD student will be employed. A filled out and signed financial statement is not mandatory as part of the application, but has to be signed and submitted before enrolment.

Read more about the fellowship scheme by clicking here.

Application criteria

To apply for a 3-year PhD study programme you must have completed a relevant Master’s degree. The Master’s study has to be equivalent to a Danish Master’s degree of 120 ECTS – if you have any doubt you can submit your diplomas for an assessment via

Important dates

  • Application deadline: 15th of November 2016 at 23:59
  • Earliest possible starting date: 1st of February 2017
  • Latest possible starting date for recipients of fully financed PhD fellowships: 1st of September 2017.
  • Latest possible starting date for recipients of Research Training supplement as well as candidates with fully financed external financing: 1st of February 2018
  • Interviews for selected applicants for fully financed PhD fellowships: planned to 10th of January 2017
  • Reply: End of January 2017

General criteria for PhD applications

All applications will be evaluated based on the submitted material, using the following criteria. The time for research experience after the qualifying exam is taken into consideration.

The project (40 % of the total evaluation)

  • The project description; including the PhD student’s part in the designing of the project.
  • The standard and volume of the project – is it adequate for a PhD? Is the volume of the project appropriate for the enrolment period?
  • The scientific level of the project
  • The use of varied methods and techniques
  • How does the project stem from the newest knowledge in the field?
  • Does the project entail supporting evidence of feasibility, e.g. the power (of test)?

The applicant (40 % of the total evaluation)

  • CV:
    • a list of publications (if any) – assessed in comparison to time of active research
    • educational background
    • grades
    • extracurricular activities
    • research experience
  • Motivation
  • Other Qualifications

The research environment and PhD plan elements (20 % of the total evaluation)

  • Supervisors; including statement from the main supervisor
  • Scientific environment
  • Courses, dissemination and mobility (research stays, stays abroad)
  • International/ interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Collaboration (if any) with a company

The application

Please note that we will evaluate the application as it is when the deadline has passed. It is not possible to submit any material for the application after the deadline has passed. Applicants can apply for both types of financing in one application.
Furthermore, please be aware that we only evaluate one application per applicant per call. Thus, if you have submitted more than one application, we reserve the right to evaluate the last application received.

Please note that PhD students who are already enrolled are not eligible for the PhD fellowships and the research training supplements.  Applications from enrolled PhD students will not be taken into consideration.

Application guide for PhD

How to apply

Access the application form by clicking ‘PhD Call’ OR 'PhD Call February 2016' at the bottom of this page. The call is only for applicants who want to be a part of the molecular medicine PhD programme.

Please choose the GP that reflects the department of employment of your future main supervisor. Please note that the administration will relocate your application to the appropriate GP, if necessary.



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