Conditions of employment

All PhD students are employed and paid in accordance with the relevant collective agreement. The collective agreement depends on the place of employment (government, regional or private). You can be financed externally or by faculty fellowships (fully or partly). If you are financed by a faculty fellowship the amount will be transferred to the place of employment in rates during the enrollment period. 

Employment at the university: Faculty fellowships and fully externally financed programmes

At the university PhD students are employed as PhD fellows according to the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations in public employment (AC) agreement. In other words you are employed as a PhD fellow at a department, whether you are employed based on a faculty fellowship (fully or partly) or in a fully externally financed PhD programme. Salary and any salary supplement are paid according to your level and as negotiated. Following recommendation by a head of department PhD fellows may be awarded a salary supplement to bring the total salary to the level of an academic assistant. Any salary supplement must be paid by the project (external funding).

Part-time employment requires a minimum of 18.5 hours per week for up to six years. Alternatively you can be employed full-time with leave periods incorporated (time off without pay). It is possible to combine full-time periods with part-time periods, but to do so you have to enroll as a part-time PhD student.

Employment elsewhere than at the university

You can be employed elsewhere than at the university, for instance at a hospital or in a private company. Salary and employment conditions depend on the collective agreement. If you are employed at a hospital, for example, you may be covered by the collective agreement of the Danish Association of Junior Hospital Doctors. A financial statement must be provided before enrolment from the place of employment confirming paid employment in accordance with the applicable collective agreement for the full period of enrolment, normally three years. If you wish to combine part-time PhD employment with clinical work, you have to enroll as a part-time PhD student.