In order to apply for the ordinary three year PhD degree programme at the Graduate School of Health, applicants must have obtained a relevant Danish Master’s degree of at least five years of duration or equivalent (5+3 scheme). In addition, the graduate school offers integrated PhD degree programmes (4+4 or 3+5 scheme) in which students commence their PhD degree programme before completing their Master’s degree.  In this case, enrolment is based on a relevant Danish Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and the applicant must be able to document enrolment in a Master's degree programme which must be concluded before the PhD degree can be awarded.

Finally, an equivalence assessment (studies considered to be equivalent to a Danish Master’s degree) can form the basis for enrolment. If an applicant holds a foreign Master’s degree or another degree, whether foreign or Danish, the Graduate School of Health will look at supplementary education and other relevant academic activities, e.g. research experience, and compare the applicant’s educational level and qualifications with a Danish Master’s degree (300 ECTS credits). Applicants can have their qualifications assessed before applying for enrolment by means of a so-called equivalence assessment. If needed, applicants must supplement their education before applying for enrolment.

Applicants from abroad must document adequate English-skills, unless they are from a Scandinavian country, the European Union or a country with English as the official language. Documentation can be in the form of either a diploma from a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme instructed in English, or in the form of a language test. Recognized tests are: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System).