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Work Packages

Aarhus University and the University of Edinburgh are currently exploring and seeking to develop innovative examples of practice through the collection of best practice case studies from the two institutions. Therefore, a project team working across the two universities has been established and is currently collecting best practise case studies from both institutions on 4 work packages covering the following themes:

  • Work package 1: International dimensions to examination, supervision and the doctoral experience International dimension
  • Work package 2: Design and development of a doctoral supplement to cover broader activities, training and experiences with a particular focus on employability & mobility Doctoral supplement
  • Work package 3: Employer engagement, including employers not traditionally associated with the recruitment of doctoral graduates Employer engagement
  • Work package 4: Approaches to training and support for doctoral candidates and supervisors Approaches to training

A 5th work package covers the main outputs of the collaboration in terms of dissemination and development of funding proposals for further development of the project (work in progress)