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Joint PhD pilot Program

The University of Edinburgh and Aarhus University have embarked on the collaborative project ExEDE. The aim is to discuss, develop and evaluate practice in relation to excellence in European doctoral training. Together the two universities will pilot a set of standards for excellence regarding support, supervision, employer engagement, employability and mobility in doctoral education. Among the desired outcomes of the project is a model for joint PhD programs including approaches to supervision and skills development as well as the introduction of a standardized doctoral diploma supplement that will strengthen the doctoral candidate in the pursuit of his or her future career.

As part of the project, the two universities invite applications to a total of 6 joint PhD scholarships in the fields of African Studies, Neuroscience and Arctic Studies where the two universities have mutual strengths and can offer excellent research environments. The doctoral candidates are required to spend at least a year at each university, have a supervisor at each institution and will receive a single degree signed by both universities. Furthermore the candidate will take part in developing, piloting and evaluating new innovative standards for doctoral training. This could include attending a small amount of specialist training, engaging with pilot activities, participating in a personal career development program and providing feedback on the process. Finally the doctoral candidates are expected to take an active part in the development, evaluation and dissemination of the activities and practices associated with ExEDE through e.g. conference participation.

Since the doctoral student will receive a single joint degree their research project will be subject to an evaluation meeting the standards of both Aarhus University and The University of Edinburgh. The form of the evaluation will be a combination of a public defence and a British viva.

You can read more about the joint awarded PhD degree Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) here.

For more information on the specific calls, please follow the links below.


Arctic Research

African Studies