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Upcoming events

ESOF 2014

ESOF (Euroscience Open Forum) is an international scientific meeting between leading scientists, young researchers, students, entrepreneurs, policymakers, journalists and the general public. In 2014 this meeting is hosted by Copenhagen which will be an open platform for discussions about different aspects of the research field.

As part of this event three participants from the ExEDE project will launch a session under the title “ExEDE: Excellence in European doctoral education – a collaborative approach between University of Edinburgh and Aarhus University”. The participants are Jeremy Bradshaw, assistant principal from University of Edinburgh, Johnny Laursen, Head of Graduate Schools, Arts, at Aarhus University and David Bogle, Head of Graduate School at University College London.

The presentation is part of the track called “Career Programme” which focuses attention on trends in career developments. The aim of the session is to tell about the specific innovative practices by the University of Edinburgh and Aarhus University formed around the EUA’s Salzburg II recommendations and a numerous of other reports from European organisations (including LERU and the Coimbra Group).

The event will take place on 21th to 26th June 2014.

Read more about ESOF 2014 here.

Previous events

November 2013: Conference

As part of the collaborative project ExEDE, the University of Edinburgh and Aarhus University held a successful conference called "Excellence in European Doctoral Education: Innovation and Enhancement" on the 28th and 29th November 2013 in Edinburgh. Key stakeholders were invited to participate in a discussion on the challenges in securing excellence in European doctoral training. 

Overview and Aims

Excellence in European doctoral education is cited by the EU, national governments, funding and quality agencies, employers and universities as a key priority now and for the future.  While the Salzburg II recommendations and numerous reports from European organisations set out in general terms the key elements of doctoral training, there are few examples of how these principles and concepts can be translated into innovative practice, particularly at an institutional scale.  To address this, the University of Edinburgh and Aarhus University are working together on a collaborative project to discuss, develop, pilot, evaluate and share practice around a series of interrelated work packages.  These work packages address a number of key themes surrounding excellence in European doctoral education including support, supervision, employer engagement, employability and mobility.

This conference, jointly hosted by Edinburgh and Aarhus, offered an invaluable opportunity for greater exploration of these themes, through key note speeches, discussion and interactive workshops based around some of the initial challenges and findings of the collaborative project. One key objective of this approach was to facilitate engagement with the issues and to help identify practical solutions.  Networking, sharing of practice and collaboration were important aims of the conference and opportunities for these were built into the programme.  The conference was of particular interest to individuals with strategic roles, particularly in internationalisation, European policy, quality assurance and researcher development, Graduate School and research programme directors, academic staff who direct and supervise PhD programmes and support staff with responsibility for PhD training and employability.

You can read about the programme here.

Reports from the conference are available here.           


September 2012: High Level Dialogue

On September 20-21, 2012 Aarhus University and the University of Edinburgh invited a group of high level representatives from universities, university organisations, the European Commission, and research bodies to a meeting in Aarhus, Denmark, to debate Excellence in European Doctoral Training.

  • Programme for High Level Dialogue on Excellence in European Doctoral Training
  • Communique for High Level Dialogue on Excellence in European Doctoral Training.