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About ExEDE

Aarhus University and the University of Edinburgh have taken the initiative to set in motion a process towards a common understanding on Excellence in European Doctoral Training.

Excellence in European doctoral training is cited by the EU, governments, funding and quality agencies, employers and Universities as a key priority now and in the future.  While the Salzburg II recommendations and numerous reports from European organisations (including LERU and EUA) set out in general terms the key elements of doctoral training, what is lacking are examples of how these principles and concepts can be translated into innovative practice, particularly at an institutional scale. 

The University of Edinburgh and Aarhus University are working together to discuss, develop, pilot and evaluate a set of actions designed to address these recommendations. Thus, the two universities have embarked on the collaborative project ExEDE (Excellence in European Doctoral Training). The aim is to discuss, develop and evaluate practice in relation to excellence in European doctoral training. Together the two universities will pilot a set of standards for excellence regarding support, supervision, employer engagement, employability and mobility in doctoral education. Among the desired outcomes of the project is a model for joint PhD programs including approaches to supervision and skills development as well as the introduction of a standardized doctoral diploma supplement that will strengthen the doctoral candidate in the pursuit of his or her future career.

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