Introductory workshop

Get started on your career development

Career Development for junior researchers: Introduction to strategic career thinking

This workshop is for junior researchers who are interested in getting the most out of their research years at Aarhus University by working with strategic career planning. The goal of the workshop is to encourage you to work with your own career development by providing you with tools to develop a conscious and focused approach to your postdoc and further career.

The workshop is part of the Junior Researcher Development Programme and serves as an introduction to how you can integrate the various parts of the programme in the best possible way to support your career development. The workshop is three hours long, and the participants are junior researchers from all faculties.

In the workshop, we will consider what makes a successful post doc: how to plan ahead and how to navigate and think strategically in order to achieve your desired goals. 

For inspiration, we will use case studies of former researchers from AU to see if we can identify common themes in their career progression.

Outcomes of the workshop:

  • Understand how career planning during your postdoc will strengthen your ability to navigate in the research environment.
  • Identify pitfalls and helpers in relation to career progression.
  • Understand how to take the lead in your own career development

Facilitator: Vibeke Broe, AU Career PhD and JR

The next workshop will be held 31 October. Sign up below or in the Junior Researcher calendar