Career planning tools

Talent is only the beginning...

As a junior researcher, career planning is an ongoing process that can help you manage your learning and your development throughout your career.

It is difficult to predict just how your career will evolve, as the labour market changes over time, just as your ambitions and interests probably will, so a career that sounds good right now may not be a good match in the future.

Short-term planning

Because there is so much that is unknown, it is difficult to make a long-term plan. On the other hand, short- planning however is more manageable, and as long as you regularly reflect on your goals, you can keep moving in a direction that will continue to reflect your needs and interests.

Planning tools

On the right you will find different tools that can help you plan your goals and objectives for the next year. These goals might include your research, your professional development and/or your career plans.

Discuss your plans

We recommend that you discuss your plans with your PI/Professor/Head of Department so that you – in collaboration with him or her – can make an action plan of realistic steps that you can take to help build a desired skill, better use existing talents, or prepare for a career goal.

Your development plans will also be discussed in your annual MUS (staff development dialogue SDD).