The Junior Researcher Association

Engage with your peers

Aims and objectives

The Junior Researcher Association addresses issues that are of interest to the junior researchers at Aarhus University. “Our aim is to work closely with the Aarhus University leadership and administration to achieve the best possible working conditions for junior researchers, thereby making Aarhus University a more attractive place for postdoctoral training in the future.

To achieve this major purpose, the Junior Researcher Association focuses on:

a) Discuss and improve working conditions for junior researchers 

b) Represent junior researchers from all faculties, schools, and departments of Aarhus University, in “political boards”

c) Facilitate communication and networking between junior researchers within all faculties, schools, and departments of Aarhus University.

d) Create an intellectual framework (interdisciplinary collaboration etc.) for junior researchers at Aarhus University.

General Assembly

The association will have its founding general assembly 9 November 2017.

Tentative program:

15:00 Opening of the event

15:15 Introduction to AU-JRA and statues

15:30 Board election

16:00 Seminar of general interest to AU-JRA members

17:30 Networking activity

18:00 Dinner and networking

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For more information contact Shivani Joshi