How to develop a strategic plan for funding your research.

Developed by the Junior Researcher Development Programme. Date and venue to be announced

2017.12.04 | Annemarie Etzerodt

Contents of the workshop

This workshop explores the concept of strategy in the research context. Having a clear idea of your research direction facilitates aligning even small projects to larger goals, making individual proposals more compelling. It will also help to avoid the trap of letting funding dictate your research focus which leads to a fragmented track record.

The goal of the workshop is to provide guidance on how to approach the development of a strategic funding plan in the individual research setting. Participants will learn how to apply key elements of strategy to develop their research agenda, identify a portfolio of funding opportunities to be pursued in the coming years and manage the grant life cycle systematically to build the resources and capabilities necessary to deliver long-term sustainable research.

  • The importance of strategy for enhancing both career and research profile
  • Applying strategy to the individual research setting
  • Navigating the research funding landscape
  • Matching project funding opportunities to longer research goals
  • Managing the grant life cycle to build resources and capabilities

Target group:

This workshop is designed for postdoctoral researchers who intend to consolidate their research career.

Date and venue: to be announced  


Junior Researcher, Junior Researcher Track 4, Junior Researcher Track 2