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International Academic Staff Services can help you make a soft landing

Aarhus University’s International Academic Staff Services will help you and your family make a soft landing in Denmark. We provide information and assistance in your housing search, with registration with the authorities, with opening a bank account and with taking out insurance, as well as providing information about the cost of living in Denmark and other important on-arrival issues.

Our website will provide you with an overview of our services: 

Getting Started in Denmark event

Our Getting Started in Denmark orientation and registration event makes it possible for you to handle all your registrations in half a day. At the event you can get your EU health insurance card, CPR (social security) number and tax card. 

You will join an orientation session to learn about important on-arrival issues such as Danish healthcare, private insurance you need to take out, driver’s licence, money and banking, digital Denmark and much more. 

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Danish courses

We offer international staff members and their partners an opportunity to attend Danish courses at beginner and advanced levels. The regularly scheduled courses start in February and August, and new courses may start up at other times of the year, depending on demand. 
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Family services

As an international member of staff at Aarhus University, you and your family are likely to have a variety of questions regarding your stay in Denmark. The International Academic Staff Services at Aarhus University is happy to provide information and personal assistance. 


If you are bringing children with you to Aarhus University, we will be happy to assist you with information and guidance about childcare options, school enrolment, language teaching etc.

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Expat Partner Program

Aarhus University offers an Expat Partner Programme that provides customised career counselling to expat partners. You can receive coaching during the transition phase and can participate in network events to support your new life in Denmark.

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Research Support Office

The Research Support Office helps researchers find relevant sources of funding, prepare proposals and administer complex EU projects. The office also contributes to national and international research agendas.

The Research Support Office is there to help you with:

  • Fundraising and preparing proposals
  • The proposal – structure, language and quality assurance
  • Funding strategies
  • New knowledge through workshops, courses, presentations about national and European grant sources.
  • Overview of relevant databases
  • Bibliometric analyses and assistance when searching for information
  • Project administration.

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Technology transfer

Technology Transfer can help you if you produce an invention in connection with your research. The office offers assistance in reporting the invention and with commercialising and patenting the invention. The team also offers support and advice if you are considering starting your own business based on an invention or other research results. 

If you are interested in learning more about inventions, the commercialisation process, patents, spin-outs and related topics, you will find lots of useful information in the Technology Transfer Inventor’s Guide

Read more about Technology Transfer 

Collaborating with business and industry

Aarhus University offers advice and support on collaborating with business and industry. 

We can help you clarify your needs, contact relevant business partners and help establish and facilitate collaborative business partnerships.

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Events and communication support

Events and Communication Support offers a range of services to support you when you need to communicate your research. Services include: 

  • Conference support
  • Graphic design
  • Press contact
  • Media training
  • Language and translation

All units at Aarhus University have a communication partner/ contact person. 

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AU Library

AU Library offers a number of services to researchers and teachers. From help in acquiring the materials necessary for your research, to guidance on publishing strategies, citation analyses or your copyrights.

Other services for researchers or teachers are:

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IT support

AU IT is dedicated to ensuring efficient, coherent and user-friendly digital solutions for employees and students at Aarhus University. AU IT works in close cooperation with the faculties’ local IT Support who offer IT support for employees and students at the whole university. 

IT Support helps staff with IT-related issues such as access to the wireless network, information about video conferences and setting up printers. IT Support can also help you purchase work-related  IT equipment and software and can ensure that the products run smoothly and efficiently. 

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Responsible conduct of research at AU

Aarhus University places a high value on scientific integrity and the responsible conduct of research, and the university has adopted a policy for responsible conduct of research as well as a code of practice.

The policy establishes a number of general principles and standards regarding responsible conduct of research which are applicable to all fields of research at Aarhus University. You should also inform yourself of specific local provisions and standards at faculty level.

The code of practice includes rules which lay down the formal framework for scientific integrity at Aarhus University. 

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Clubs and associations at AU

Aarhus University is a dynamic workplace with a variety of clubs and associations.

Below you can read more about some of the university’s cross-faculty clubs and associations. Individual faculties and departments/schools may also have their own staff club, PhD association, film club and so on. Contact your department/school to learn more.  

Aarhus University PhD Association (AUPA)

AUPA is the coordinating body for all PhD associations at Aarhus University. AUPA works politically and strategically to improve talent development across all four faculties—Arts, Health, Science and Technology and Aarhus BSS.

Read more about AUPA 

PhD and Postdoc Activity Group

The PhD and Postdoc Activity Group is a volunteer group primarily aimed at PhD students and postdocs. The group organises activities and cooperates with the four PhD associations to offer academic and social events such as music events, games events, PhD cafés and after-work meetings. 

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The AU Exercise Centre

The AU Exercise Centre is located on the Aarhus campus at Katrinebjergvej 89B. The centre has a full range of weightlifting equipment and exercise machines, a small café with a coffee machine, a sauna and changing facilities and showers. The centre also offers exercise classes taught by instructors and physiotherapists. All this is included in the membership fee. 

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University International Club

The Aarhus University International Club provides a social and cultural meeting place and a place to network for international staff members and their spouses, guest researchers and visitors from abroad. The club was established in 1998 with the goal of welcoming international staff members and their spouses to the city. Today it includes internationally- minded Danish staff members and their spouses/partners as well.

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