The Junior Researcher Association

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Meet the AU Junior Researcher Association Board

On Nov. 9, at the Founding General Assembly, we elected the board: 



Besides the board, the AU Junior Researcher Association also consists of the following officers:

Fundraising Committee:


Research and Development


Faculty Representatives






Events Committee

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Aims and objectives of the Junior Researcher Association

The Junior Researcher Association addresses the issues concerning the temporary academic staff at Aarhus University. Overall, we aim to improve the working conditions for junior researchers and work closely with the Aarhus University leadership and administration to achieve the best possible environment, making Aarhus University a more attractive place for postdoctoral training. 

We focus on:

  • Discussing and improving working conditions for junior researchers
  • Representing junior researchers from all faculties, schools, and departments of Aarhus University in political boards
  • Facilitating communication and networking between junior researchers within all faculties, schools, and departments of Aarhus University
  • Creating an intellectual framework (e.g., interdisciplinary collaboration) for junior researchers at Aarhus University.


Membership Comittee


Communication Committee


Other JRA Officers




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