Calculating seniority (5+3)

Calculating the seniority of PhD fellows

Your salary seniority is calculated starting on the first day of the month in which you are appointed, and always comprises whole months.

Your salary seniority cannot start any earlier than the end of the month in which you completed your Master’s degree.

For example:
If your degree was awarded on 18 January 2015, your salary seniority will be calculated starting on 1 February 2015.

Salary seniority is awarded for the period during which PhD fellows are employed in jobs which depend on their education.

For example:
Jobs as a postal worker or check-out assistant do not generate any seniority.

Relevant employment paid by the hour amounting to at least eight working hours a week will be included if the total continuous duration of this employment is at least three months.

If the number of working hours is 8-14 hours per week on average, half salary seniority is awarded.

If a PhD fellow has had more than part-time work, the weekly hours can be added up for use in calculating their seniority.

Full salary seniority is awarded for an average of at least 15 hours of relevant employment each week.


Collective agreement, 2015