Conditions of employment

Salary and working conditions

Most PhD students are employed at the Faculty of Arts simultaneously with their enrolment as PhD students, but there are also many PhD students who are employed by public or private employers during their PhD study.

Apart from working on the PhD project and taking part in PhD courses the PhD degree programme normally requires that the PhD student places a certain number of working hours at the department at which he or she is associated. The PhD student and the department agree on the tasks. This might for instance be teaching, instructor lessons or assistance to project applications, conferences or other research activities at the department.
You will find the Faculty regulations on work hours for PhD students here: English version - Danish version

As a PhD student (5+3 programme or 4+4 programme, part B) you are salaried in accordance with the collective agreement between the state and the academic unions. This means that you will have a monthly income at approximately 25,000-30,000 Danish Kroner before tax (depending on seniority).
Read more about the salary agreement here: English version - Danish version


The majority of PhDs are employed within higher education and work within research and teaching. However, an increasing number of PhDs are also employed within other public institutions or private companies.