Operational management of externally funded research projects

Organized by the Junior Researcher Development Programme and AU HR

2017.12.06 | Annemarie Etzerodt

Date Mon 23 Apr
Time 13:00 15:45
Location Katrinebjergvej 107, building 5530, room 07, 8200 Aarhus N


The purpose of the course is to provide junior researchers with valuable knowledge about the support and services available to them at AU. The course focuses primarily on operational management of externally funded projects and on how to optimise and create valuable synergies between the project’s administrative and scientific processes. The course is a supplement to project management training courses.

Course participants will become familiar with the administrative support system at AU, the administrative services available and how and when these services can be used to support research projects and to make more time available for research.

Target group: 
Junior researchers who are in the preparation phase of or who already are managing an externally funded research project. The course is not intended for EU grant recipients. In  relation to EU projects, please contact the Research Support Office: medarbejdere.au.dk/administration/forskning-talent/forskningsstoetteenheden/forskningsstoette-projektadministration/

Relevant specialists from AU’s administration will present their services during the course. The list of specialists include: Project finance administrator(s) from relevant parts of the faculties, legal advisors from AU Research Support and External Relations – Corporate Relations and Technology Transfer, The Research Support Office, and Organisational Learning and Development.

The course is in English.

Practical information: 
The course will be held at AU twice per year (in April and August) from 13:00 to 15:45.

The coming event will be held the 23. april 2018. See the full programme here.

Registration deadline: 9. april 2018



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