Strengthen Your CV

You can improve your CV in many ways. We have listed some opportunities below. Some of the suggestions include volunteer work. This kind of work might provide you with both relevant work-experiences and useful contacts for networking.

All over Denmark it is possible to find jobs that are primarily based on voluntary or unpaid work. By taking such a job, you are doing something good for others. But you are also doing something good for yourself, and that is just as important. Many employers notice if you have done volunteer work – it is a good way to demonstrate your willpower, vision and commitment.


  • NGO-work
    Almost every 'Non Governmental Organizations' need volunteers, and often it is possible even for people with very little experience to try their hand at tasks at a very high level. Try the Danish Red Cross, Amnesty International, Save the Children, Denmark ("Red Barnet"), Act on Aid, Denmark (Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke). Here you might get work-related experiences and equally important; some good relations, which might be useful in the future.
  • Political work
    Most political parties have a website where you can find information on opportunities for political work. And one thing is certain: They want YOU! If working in politics sounds boring, just remember what your social studies teacher said: "Saying you're not interested in politics is like saying you're not interested in the framework of your own life".
  • Associations
    Sports clubs, labour unions, housing associations, bird-watching clubs, coin collecting clubs… there are no limits to finding work in associations and clubs. If you can't find one you like, then create your own.
  • Small-scale projects
    Organise parties, meetings, demonstrations, flea markets or concerts. It is equally cool – at a job interview and at happy hour – to be able to call attention to a specific event and say: "I made that happen!"
  • Media work
    Join the editing team of your university's newspaper, work for local TV or the university radio, write letters to the editor and feature articles or write for some of the many Internet media. Whether you dream of working for the EconomistVogue, BBC or Computerworld, practice, as we know, makes perfect.
  • Web editing
    You can also choose to update the student association's website, edit your own Internet journal or manage the housing association's server. Or you can post a flyer on the bulletin board at the local supermarket advertising your web-editing services – you might even earn a bit of money.


  • Beside your Ph.D. study you have the opportunity to work e.g. freelance for companies. This will broaden your network and add a practical dimension to your project and education.