Dr. Med. In Neurobiology, 2004 + PhD in Andrology, 1997 + MD, 1996 

Medical Director at Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Meredin is currently positioned as a Medical Director, Clinical R&D Gastroenterology at Ferring Pharmaceuticals. He has previously been working with different aspects of Pharmacovigilance (drug safety) and clinical development at Lundbeck and ALK-Abello. Meredin has several years of leadership experience from academia and the pharmaceutical industry. He is an experienced medical educator & PhD-supervisor, and has published more that 70 papers in international per review journals.


M.Sc in Biology, 1997 + PhD in Medicine, 2005

Senior Consultant at Eurofins Product Testing 

Katrine finished her PhD regarding Campylobacter in chickens from the National Veterinary Institute, Technical University of Denmark in 2005. Herafter she became Project Manager at the project; “Viden er vejen til vækst”. From 2007 until 2011 she was Product Specialist at Food Diagnostics ApS. From 2011 to 2014 she became Product Manager at Food Diagnostics, and in 2014 she has a temporary position as Food Safety Consultant at Dianova A/S. Today she is Senior Consultant at Eurofins Product Testing, which she has been since 2015. In this occupation she is responsible for consultancy on food safety issues, sales, and marketing. Katrines specialties contain microbiology, food safety, regulations and validations.


PhD from Health, 2009

Managing Director, Danish Diabetes Academy

Since doing his master-thesis on biological markers for obesity and exercise, Tore Christiansen has had a passion for scientific research. Already then, he worked with the leading Danish researchers in the field. This continued as he did his PhD on the effects of exercise and diet on the metabolic syndromeAfter finishing his PhD in 2009, Tore took a job as a Centre Administrator at Lundbeck. One year later he switched to a job as a Medical Liaison at Eli Lilly. In 2013 Tore started working as Managing Director at Danish Diabetes Academy, where he still works. As Managing Director he uses scientific, administrative and managerial skills. As part of his job, he reads all the PhD-applications sent to the Academy.


PhD in Biomedicine, 2014

Food Scientist at Arla Foods Ingredients, Research & Development department

After finishing her PhD degree in 2014 Mie has worked as a Research Assistant at Aarhus University, and was in 2015 hired by Arla Foods Ingredients as a Food Scientist. Mie has a professional background in molecular biology and biomedicine, and holds solid knowledge and practical skills in the disciplines of biochemistry, protein chemistry and metabolomics.

Science and Technology


PhD in Lake Ecology, 2010

Consultant (environment evaluations) at COWI

Thomas has been a consultant at COWI since 2011 with a one-year break where he held a postdoc position at Middle East Technical University. He is currently working as a biologist and his main job assignments include nature management (restoration projects), Natura 2000- and environmental impact assessments (EIA) e.g. assessments of how road construction projects might effect on the surrounding nature. Thomas is placed in a large, international company with colleagues from a wide variety of backgrounds and he still has contacts/collaborators within the universities. 


PhD in Biology, 2003

Head of The Danish Nature & Foundations at WWF Denmark

Susanne got her PhD from Biology in 2003 and has been in a lot of different work positions since then, first as Scientist, Project Coordinator, Senior Scientist, Acting Section Leader, Acting Head of Dept. and Leader of Section at The National Environmental Research Institute. She has an extensive experience in management and programme coordination of research and capacity building projects, and she was appointed by AU as Programme Coordinator of the DANIDA flagship programme Bulding Stronger Universities in Developing Countries, Platform on Environmental & Climate. Since 2014 she has been working for WWF Denmark, and today she is WWF’s Head of Danish Nature & Foundations. She is a board member of ‘DANIDA Fellowship Centre’ (DFC) – appointed in 2013 – and board member of Folkeuniversitetet Aarhus, Herning og Emdrup since 2010 to 2016.


PhD from Nano Science, 2012

It-developer at Unisense

After finishing his PhD on theoretical biochemistry Johan worked as an IT developer I Danske Bank – a natural choice after having worked with computer simulations of complex biological molecules in the Biomodelling group at the Department of Chemistry. After two years in the bank Johan decided to go back to the field of natural sciences, so in 2014 he started as a Product Manager at Unisense.


PhD from iNANO, 2010

Head of Business Development and Implementation in INNO-X

After her PhD, Sys first worked as a scientific coordinator at the iNANO Center at Aarhus University. Here she worked with administration, project management, fundraising etc. From 2012, Sys worked as a project managager at INNO-X Healthcare, a center of research, education and innovation of medical technology. Today INNO-X has become an operation unit under the Institute of Clinical Medicine where Sys is Head of Business Development and Implementation. She is currently involved in project management, implementation of interdisciplinary education in innovation and intra/ entrepreneurship for medical staff, engineers, and researchers.  


PhD in molecular biology, 2001

Production Manager at Eurofins Genomics, AROS site

When Mette was awarded her PhD in 2001, she first worked as a postdoc at University of California in San Francisco (UCSF). Her work was supported by fellowships from the Carlsberg Foundation and the American Heart Association. In the years 2008-2011 she continued her research as an assistant professor at the Department of Molecular Biology, Aarhus University. Her work was funded by the Lundbeck foundation. She has been working at AROS Applied Biotechnology as the manager of AROS’ NGS platform. In this position Mette was not involved with research but worked in project management and with consulting and guidance of AROS’ customer portfolio and sales department. Later on AROS was implemented in Eurofins Genomics, and Mette now works as Production Manager at the Aros site. 


PhD from Nano Science, 2013

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at QIAGEN Bioinformatics Aarhus

After finishing her PhD in 2013 Zsuzsanna was hired as a Bioinformatics Scientist at CLC bio. Since 2015 she has been a Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at QIAGEN, where her job consists of modelling complex problems in molecular biology, designing algorithms, writing code, testing software, and analysing next-generation sequencing data. 


PhD from iNANO, 2013

Consultant (management) at Bain & Company

Besides being Cand. Scient from Nano Science and PhD from iNano, Louis has HD 1 + 2. He has worked as a consultant at Bain & Company since he finished his PhD in 2013, and has a big knowledge of Management Consulting and networking. 


PhD in (Organic) Chemistry, 2007

Senior Research scientist, project manager at Dupont

Anne is specialized within the field of organic chemistry and was employed at the University after finishing her PhD. Dupont subsequently hired her, and she now works as a Senior Research Scientist with in product development in the department for Nutrition R&D. Here she works with project management, product development and technology development. She has great experience with networking and is supervising several Bachelor and Master students as well as Junior Scientists. 


PhD in Engineering, 2011

Specialist in Magnetic Materials and Production Development at Grundfos A/S

After finishing his PhD Badrinath continued working with Aarhus University School of Engineering as a Reseracher and Teaching Assistant. In 2012 Grundfos hired Badrinath as an Specialist in Magnetic Materials and Production Engineering. He is still associated with University as Guest/Invited Lecturer, teaching "Material Science and Fracture Mechanics". 
Badrinath is an international associate with a PhD in the field of material science and process engineering. His professional background is supported with competent academic advanced degrees from reputed universities from India and Denmark.


PhD in Clinical Nutrition, 1999

Medical Writing Specialist at Novo Nordisk

Hanne is educated in Food Science and Technology from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Denmark, from where she also has her PhD in Human Nutrition and continued to work as assistant professor. Hanne has worked in Novo Nordisk since 2002 and has been involved in different phases of clinical development. In her job as Medical Writing Specialist, she is responsible for the preparation of key scientific documents for regulatory authorities, and is involved in process improvement and training. In addition, she has more than 10 years of experience as project responsible Medical Writer, including coordination and planning of tasks, resources and timelines.



PhD researcher in International Business and Marketing, 2007-2011

Sales Strategy Manager at Siemens

Lars has worked at Siemens since 2011 where he started as Product Marketing Manager. In 2013 he became Sales Strategy Manager, where his prime objective is to bring a strategic mindset to the sales process, focusing on Siemens Offshore Wind Power solutions. His areas of responsibility is sales strategy, business case modelling and competence development, and his professional interest originates in Corporate Competitiveness. Lars has explored this interest in both academia as well as in the corporate world. 


MA in corporate communication, 2006

Global HR Business Partner, SAFI Innovation at DuPont

While finishing has MA Jakob was an employed at Intenz as Business Development Consultant. Later on he has worked as Project Coordinator at Visit Aarhus, as HR/Communication Specialist at DuPont, and as HR Consultant at N&F Supply Chain, Dupont. In his current position as Global HR Business Partner at SAFI Innovation, Dupont his job involves HR sparring with N&H SAFI Innovation Leadership and insuring HR people processes, and development. Jakob has a broad based experience in handling HR people processes and implementing in cooperation with divisional management.



PhD in intercultural communication and learning, 2004 + MA in English and French, 1978

Independent scholar (author, reviewer and researcher)

Gertrud has a PhD in ‘grounded theory methodology’, internationalization and foreign language education. She has worked in the private and public sectors with education, evaluation of student competencies, and research.


PhD in Econometrics, AU, CREATES, 2011

Trading Analyst at Danske Commodities

Stefan finished his PhD degree in Econometrics in 2011 and afterwords worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Denmark from 2012 and one year ahead. In 2013 he became a Trading Analyst at Danske Commodoties, where he works with models, strategy, trading and tools. 


PhD in Social & Personality Psychology, 2014

Private practitioner psychologist at Zenhuset and Sdr. Palæ

Dorthes background is based on her PhD about the collaboration between health and social/personality psychology with a focus on the processes of change and connections between the identity-/self- growth and idea, social interactions and psychological challenges. After finishing her PhD she worked as lecturer at VIA University College, but since December 2015 Dorthe has been owner of and psychologist at Zenhuset. Furthermore she works as a psychologist at Psykologhuset Sdr. Palæ.

Dorthes primary focus is on practitioner (clinical) psychology, innovative growth through practice-near qualitative analysis and changing processes in mental/social environments and on broader psychological qualitative research areas. Dorthe has great international experience which she has used to help several PhD’s. She currently cooperates with the University of Queenland. 



PhD in French grammar, 2001

Special consultant at Central Denmark Region

Rikke has worked in communication since 2002. She has been involved in web editing, project management and teaching e.g. good writing and minute and note taking techniques. Since 2006 she has been a communications consultant focused on patient communication and project management.


PhD in history, 2005

Curator and Associate Professor at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, Esbjerg

Søren has been a curator at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg since 2001. Here he is responsible for collections and research in Danish coastal culture as well as the later history of the fishing industry. Søren is mostly specialised in Danish and North Sea fisheries history from the 19th century until present day. 

Søren has been a curator at the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg since 2001. Here he is responsible for collections and research in Danish coastal culture as well as the later history of the fishing industry. Søren is mostly specialised in Danish and North Sea fisheries history from the 19th century until present day. 


Unfinished PhD from the department of aesthetics and multimedia, AU, 2005 + MA in Comparative literature and multimedia, 1998

Chief Advisor at AU and owner of UniWise: Digital/e-learning for universities in Scandinavia

Rasmus Blok is exe. director of UNIwise and acts as an external chief advisor for Aarhus University. He has a history of being a chief advisor and head of Educational IT at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Aarhus University, before he recently formed his own software company focussing on digital assessment. With an initial background in research areas as multimedia and digital literature, aesthetics and culture, Rasmus has changed his focus towards e-learning and the similar change in paradigm from analog to digital - but in regards to teaching. Working at three different Danish universities, Rasmus has in recent years focused his work on blended learning and teaching training, developing programs for course redesign towards blended learning. Recently Rasmus has additionally worked to develop a strategic perspective on the use of IT in Higher Education, blended learning and teacher training, forming strategies for universities on Educational IT. Rasmus is among other honours, a national expert and governmental advisor on blended learning in Denmark, former member of the European e-learning task force within COIMBRA, and a three time awarded digital entrepreneur.