Career Talks

Do you have very specific questions for a profile

working outside of academia?

At AU Career PhD & JR we are now offering to help you set up a meeting with a PhD profile now working outside of academia.

This is for you who:

  • wants to learn more about working at a specific company or a in a specific position
  • has questions about daily tasks and projects
  • is interested in the thoughts behind certain career choices

On our profiles page you can see who can be contacted. The range of profiles who can be contacted is under continual development as we contact more profiles.

Click on the bottom to sign up for the program by sending an email to Ph.D. Career Counsellor Vibeke Broe.


AU Mentor PhD & JR

If you are more interested in a longer process that is focused on your personal and professional development, then take a look at our mentor programme AU Mentor PhD & JR.


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