Practical information

We are preparing for the 2018 programme.

More information to come


After the application deadline the matching will begin, and we will do everything we can to match you with the right mentor no later than 15 October.


In October there will be an introductory briefing, where you will be prepared for your new role as a mentee and learn how to make the most of the relationship with your mentor.

The mentoring

We recommend at least 5 meetings during a period of 10 months. You are of course very welcome to continue the mentor relation beyond the 10 months. When you and your mentor first meet it is important to talk about what you expect to get out of the mentoring; to help you do this you can use our mentor contract. Hereafter it is your responsibility to contact your mentor, arrange meetings and decide which topics you want to discuss.

After 10 months the mentor programme will officially end.


In 2017 we have the capacity to match 25 PhDs and 10 junior researchers. 

Applying for a mentor

The 2017 application deadline has now been exceeded. You can apply for a mentor again in 2018. Alternatively you can apply for Career Talks if you have very specific questions for a profile working outside of academia.


APPLICATION          August 2018*
KICK-OFF               October 2018*


*Specific dates will be announced in the spring of 2018.